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July 23, 2010


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Commissions [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 23, 2010, 7:02 PM
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♦ I reserve the right to decline if I feel that your request is not within my ability to do or if I'm not comfortable drawing it.
♦ For rush orders, there will be an additional fee depending on the deadline and how many commissions are queued before yours.
♦ The prices listed below are for personal use only. For commercial projects, kindly note/email me.
♦ By default, backgrounds will either be white/transparent/solid color/texture. Complex backgrounds such as rooms/streets/forests/anything I have to draw will require additional payment depending on the complexity.
♦ I won't start on your commission until I receive the full payment.
♦ Please make character descriptions short and straight to the point. No walls of text please.
♦ Please refrain from asking for an update every few days especially if your commission isn't a rush order and doesn't have a deadline. I might be very busy with other things sometimes so if you must ask for an update, please wait at least a month or two after I've accepted your commission.
No refunds.
♦ Please don't send your payment unless I specifically tell you to do so. If you send your payment over and I decline your request, you won't be getting a refund.
♦ I WON'T edit your commission after I send you the final piece. Tell me everything you want changed when I send you the sketch and not after I finish it. The only time I'm willing to edit the image is if I got a color wrong or if I forgot an important detail (mole/tattoo/etc) so please make sure all the important details are in your form. If you ask me to change something and it wasn't in your form or if you didn't mention anything when I showed your the sketch, I'm sorry but I won't do it. Your commission will be considered complete and I will move on to the next commissioner's piece.
♦ Once you receive the sketch, I am willing to edit it 3 times at most. After that, I will charge an additional 5 USD for every edit after the third so please make your request as clear as possible.
♦ After I accept your request, you have until 3 days to send your payment. If I don't receive your payment by then, your commission will be cancelled and your slot will be given to someone else.


♦ I accept Paypal
♦ I accept points (1 USD = 100 points)
♦ Additional characters will be price x # of characters
♦ Paypal/Email:


♦ Please read and understand my terms before sending me a note.
♦ Fill up the form and send it to me via note/email and label it "RL Commission - [Type of Commission]"
♦ If I accept, I'll tell you the total price of your commission. You can get an estimate by checking the prices below.
♦ Kindly send the full payment. If you are paying through paypal, please indicate who you are. If you are paying through points, this is the method I use.
♦ After I receive the payment, I will show you a sketch.
♦ Once you approve the sketch, I will continue and send you the final piece.


Name: (Your username)
Type of Commission: (example: Soft | Single | Fullbody)
Payment: (Paypal or Points)
Reference: (Image of your character/s)
Pose and Expression: (Short description or image)


Magical Girl by neko-nikiFur by neko-niki

Sketch :: 11 USD
Flats :: 16 USD
Regular :: 21 USD


Jerza #15 by neko-nikiSuisen #4 by neko-niki

Bust | Waist | Thighs
Flats :: 16 USD | 21 USD | 27 USD
Regular :: 21 USD | 32 USD | 37 USD

*You may choose a palette from here or any 5-color palette from here


SecretInTheIce by comnikiInfuse by comniki

Headshot :: 9 USD
Bust :: 11 USD
Waist :: 16 USD
Thighs :: 21 USD
Fullbody :: 27 USD


Commission :: CoalCloud 7 by neko-nikiCommission :: ll Royo ll 4 by neko-niki

Headshot :: 11 USD
Bust :: 16 USD
Waist :: 21 USD
Thighs :: 27 USD
Fullbody :: 32 USD


Commission :: Yumewa 2 by neko-nikiCommission :: Kanashimi-Tenshi by neko-niki

Headshot :: 16 USD
Bust :: 21 USD
Waist :: 32 USD
Thighs :: 37 USD
Fullbody :: 47 USD


Galaxy by neko-nikiFinally Over by neko-niki

Headshot :: 21 USD
Bust :: 27 USD
Waist :: 37 USD
Thighs :: 47 USD
Fullbody :: 57 USD


Commission :: Yumewa 5 by neko-nikiCommission :: CoalCloud by neko-niki

Headshot :: 16 USD
Bust :: 21 USD
Waist :: 32 USD


Commission :: Senyou 3 by neko-nikiAlt Format by neko-niki

Sketch :: 3 USD
Flats :: 4 USD
Cel :: 5 USD
Soft :: 6 USD
Price of style chosen + [Expression price x # of additional expressions]
Example: 32 USD (Cel-shaded waist up) + [5 USD x 8 additional expressions] = 72 USD


Additional Outfits :: +10-30 USD per outfit
Mid-Large Weapons/Accessories/Props :: +5-15 USD
Large Wings :: +5-20 USD
Pets/Pokemon/Creatures :: +5-30 USD
Backgrounds :: +10-50 USD
Character Design (For commissions w/o reference images) :: +10-50 USD
Cluttered/Complex Characters :: +10-30 USD
Prices are based on the art style chosen and complexity

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Expect a request from meh soon OvO
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That would be awesome :heart:
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Jakovy Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
OMG I SEE ALUN! my friends OC <3 <3 <3 <3
Now I know who had done the art you should expect a request from me sometime that is for sure! If Secret bought from you I will follow suit <3 <3 <3 <3
neko-niki Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
Awesome! I look forward to it :heart:
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I am finally able to do it, and I would love one from you ;A;
neko-niki Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Of course! Just fill out the form and send it to me so we can discuss further! :nod:
teddileah Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student General Artist
:iconlainloveplz: AHHH! I can't wait to commission from you! Especially the screenshots! I've been looking forever for a person who makes really cool ones!! :D
neko-niki Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
Thank you! I look forward to it!
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